“Fashion business” is a game about Monica, a beautiful lady, but she is a real b**ch.

Feel yourself as a witness of Monica’s plummet down the social ladder. You will get full control over the character and make various decisions which affect the plot. In the game, there are a lot of other pretty girls as well. 

This game has a lot of different settings, realistic gfx, animations, and an exciting story. It’s developed with Ren’Py engine. The game is a sandbox: the player can do whatever he wants! 

Episode 1 is completed. It has 4300 images and a lot of animations. 

Episode 2 is in progress. v0.8 has just been released and already has around 11500 images and 320 animation clips.  

Checkout the game pagepatreon.com/decentmonkey

And check out the game’s trailer here… http://decent-monkey.com/fashion-business-trailer/


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