Let us continue.

2)Our team created Patreon Page!!! In the future, we plan to add more content.

A note for the current supporters. In a case of our complete transfer to Patreon (which is planned) all Elders and Eternal Trustees will keep all rights and privileges,which they have on this forum, including access to exclusive materials, votes and etc. They will not need to pay extra.

3)Development process is still going. Game code needs more work, however, our team found a way to engage more human resources, and may get some assistance. All the details are TOP SECRET.

4)Our new artist currently produces some seriously awesome art. Al the additional details you, as always may find in the Exclusive part of the forum or wait until next game release.
All news and other information here:

Hello Everyone! Today is 17th of April meaning that it is NEWS TIME!!!

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