Translation project is available here

The discussions about how the text should be translated happen in Discord (channel #translations). Please join if you want to discuss any unclear text or suggest changes

Currently available languages, alongside with the installation instructions, can be found here:
Google drive

The list of available languages will be updated in the near future, right after we finish the maintenance. More on that will be shared in the news post on Patreon.


  1. When you you first visit the website above, you need to create an account. To do so, choose the “Register” button in the upper right corner.

  2. You will then receive a confirmation letter, which you need to open and confirm the registration. Notice! If you didn’t get the letter after registering – please check the spam folder. If there’s no letter anywhere – please let us know about that in Discord –

  3. After you successfully log in, you will be see the following dashboard (if you didn’t move to other section already).

4. Click on the name of the project, “Innocent Witches”, and then choose the Languages sections in the top menu.

5. Next, you will see a list of all available languages. Please choose the one you want to work with. After that you will see the list of different parts of the game that contain lines of text. These include lines of dialogue, names for the goals, menu elements, and other pieces.

6. Choose the corresponding part of the game you want to translate. Click on the “Translate” button. You will then see the main interface that you will use to work with the translations.

Let’s go through each element step-by-step:

  1. Navigation menu. Here you can quickly navigate between the pages that contain the lines available for translation.
  2. The original line of the text. The line itself is enclosed in the quotation marks, and the person who says this line is presented in the left part. On the screenshot the dialogue line is spoken by Marcus (indicated by the speaker named “markus”), and the text itself is “Though maybe there was one I didn’t tease enough? Khm… Right…”.
  3. The field for translation. Here you put the translated line of text. You don’t need to include anything else apart from the line itself, i.e. it can just be a translation without quotation marks. The speaker and the id part can be omitted too. It means that you don’t need to translate the speaker’s name (the left part, the word “markus” in the example above).
    IMPORTANT! If you decide to keep the speaker and the id, please make sure that the line of the text you translated is enclosed with quotation marks, just like in the source line.
  4. Save and continue. Use this button to get to the next line of text.
  5. Nearby strings. This part is very important, since it provides the context for the translation. It shows a number of preceding and following lines based on the current line that is being translated.
  6. Copy button. Allows you to copy the whole source line into the system clipboard with one click.
  7. Copy and paste button. Allows you copy and paste the source string into the translation field automatically with one click.

    IMPORTANT! Since the dialogues are not separated, sometimes the lines can make no sense and look out of place. This can happen because the current dialogue has ended, or because there is a menu with multiple choices, each of which contains its own block of text. Therefore, to better understand the context it’s best to have the game running in the background, so that you can always understand the context of the current line.

How and when the community translations will be integrated into the game?

Our current plan is to include the translations in batches. It means that when one chapter is completely translated, we will create a file for this specific language that you can put into the game’s folder, which will activate this language in the game. The lines that are not yet translated will still be present in English or Russian, depending on the choice in the preferences.

UPDATE. As of version 0.9B, community translations can be activated in the game. The list of available languages will be expanded as the translation progress with these languages continues.

The tool doesn’t work / I have questions

Please visit our Discord, there you can ask any question about the translation project. Link –